National Association of Compliance (NAC)

The Association’s activities are aimed at introduсtion of due diligence practice into the Russian business environment and eliminating the risks of organizational inconsistency with market laws, government and generally accepted business standards.

The National Association of Compliance helps its members to create a business ecosystem that provides preventive protection against internal and external threats, together with the efficiency and economic benefits increase.

To ensure preventive protection of Persons and Business, we have developed Comprehensive Compliance System - a legal protection tool that allows you to reduce catastrophic and critical risks up to 96% and to transfer the organization to an area of acceptable manageable risks.

National Association of Compliance works for


To ensure company safety and improve business performance

Government-owned enterprises and organizations

To ensure organization safety and security for the reputation, finances, and freedom for managers and employees


To attract new members and increase the organizational value

Lawyers and compliance professionals

For advanced training, development of competencies and practical skills in the field of compliance and obtaining a compliance certificate